Sunday, November 13, 2005

What the President Wants

It shouldn't be surprising that the president flipped out the other day, and went off haranging Democratics and other skeptics of his administration's Iraq policy.

But we should understand what the president, and in particular his "brain", and apparently his soul, Karl Rove, wants to accomplish by doing so.

What they want is to force the debate about the Iraq war off of the political agenda. Although Phase II of the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation of the pre-war intelligence was tasked with analyzing the political uses and manipulation of that intelligence, the president and his allies, understandably, would rather that didn't precede, and in the event that it does, want to hamstring it ahead of time, by asserting that any such investigation is really fruitless at best, and traitorous at worst.

Nevertheless, while the president's new attack strategy will embolden his base, it will likely only inflame congressional Democrats, and attract even greater media scrutiny.

So, Bring It On.


mizerock said...

This is the Presidents brain [Rove]. This is the President when his brain is under investigation for treason [see scary article]. Was this really what we wanted?

Republicans, heal thyselves (Cheney takes over as President) - the Nation will not survive 3 years with this man alone and paranoid in the White House.

Bush rarely speaks to father, 'family is split'

mizerock said...

Here's a more useful link that doesn't require a subscription.

Scary is a polite way of putting it. I'm buying duct tape and canned food tonight, I smell a coup. I just hope it's the bloodless kind.