Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Morning Quarterback

Redskins 35
Tampa Bay 36

Yes, yes, an excruciating, agonizing defeat. But I'm having a hard time being angry at the team or apocalyptic about its season prospects (playoffs!!!?? playoffs!!!?!?!). The killer was their not being able to get a first down when they had the ball at their own 20 with 3:46 left to go. Should they have run three straight times? As hard as it is to say right now with perfect hindsight, I think the answer is yes. They had been running well all day. They needed to run the clock down and avoid a mistake through the air. It was a sane strategy. They just didn't get it done. And their defense now has holes, largely because of injuries. They need Cornelius Griffin and Sean Taylor back, and Carlos Rogers healthy again. Next up: Oakland Raiders.

Vikings 24
Giants 21

Only consolation for Redskins loss was this strange Giants debacle at home against the Vikings, who didn't score a single offensive touchdown, yet sneaked out of New Jersey a winner against a team that hung 36 on us two weeks ago.

Ravens 3
Jaguars 30

I hope Ray Lewis and Ed Reed come back soon. I'm only a fair-weather Ravens fan, but this is getting ugly.

Jets 3
Panthers 30

The Jets aren't getting any respect on the field or in the New York Times sports section. The first two pages are dedicated to the Giants (who, admittedly, are now 6-3 and presumably playoff bound) while the Jets get relegated to the third and fourth pages. But its worse than that. The Giants got at least four different articles to the Jets measly two. Of course, if the Jets would win, that might help their case.

Mike Shanahan 31
Al Davis 17

I don't like it that the Raiders lost at home to the Broncos to drop to 3-6. That might make them a pretty angry team next week for the Redskins, who might be tempted to take them lightly. They shouldn't.

KC 3
Buffalo 14

What happened to KC's offense? I know Priest Holmes was out, but they still have Larry Johnson and Trent Green.

GB 33
Atlanta 25

Another weird game, or at least weird result. But then, if you have Brett Farve on your team, anything's possible.

Rams 16
Seahawks 31

Seahawks are finally making some noise, after the many years of Mike Holgrem's leadership and Matt Hasselback's QBing. Shaun Alexander having a career year. This team could be hard to beat in the playoffs especially if they have home-field.

Patriots 23
Dolphins 16

Won't the Pats just go away already?


This should be a very good game.

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mizerock said...

The Patriots will haunt you until at least the 2nd round of the playoffs. There, in all likelihood, their injury problems will end their season.