Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday Morning Quarterback

Redskins, 3-0. Let's not get too excited, mkay guys. We've won by margins of 2, 1, and now, 3 points--in O.T. no less, after the other team's winning field goal hit the crossbar at the end of regulation. And even this guy is keeping the bandwagon in the garage. Two road games coming up, with Denver and KC, and both could easily be losses. So let's keep the celebrating and bragging down to a quiet roar.

But I can tell you what I did like from what I saw on Sunday. Brunell's completions on third and long. How many of those were there? Half a dozen? And he's throwing darts. More importantly, the team looks like it knows what it's doing on offense for the first time in years. True, Brunell through a bum deep pass towards David Patton that was too short and which got batted down by a defender as a result. But these long offensive drives, combined with clutch third and long performances have me very pleased with the team so far. I didn't like the switch to Brunell right after the first game, but Brunell has surprised me.

Who's in a world of hurt? The Vikings. 1-3 after getting hammered yesterday in Atlanta. Seems that the Arizona Cardinals recovered last night after spotting San Fran 14 defensive points. That keeps the 49'ers in the Reggie Bush sweepstakes. And at 1-3, Arizona is still in the Matt Leinert hunt.

I don't like the Pack, but now I feel sorry for them. They're 0-3 and in Carolina tonight. For the sake of Brett Favre, who's a class act, I hope GreenBay pulls the on-the-road upset tonight.

I suppose Vinnie Testaverde, age 42, will be starting for the Jets pretty soon, after exhibiting no offense yesterday in Baltimore. Putting up only three points, and that after being given a spot at the Ravens' one-yard line after a fumble return. But I don't think the Ravens are going anywhere. New quarterback there next year.

Buffalo already looks done for. Will Losman get benched this week?

Miami, off yesterday, looks to be in better shape in the AFC Least that we would have thought. Saban has them playing well and the Jets and Bills are hurt and struggling.

Don't know what's going on in the AFC West. San Diego blew up the Pats yesterday. Denver is 3-1. KC started well but like yesterday's collapse against the Eagles at home, they don't seem to have the stamina for the long haul.

Bengals, Colts and Bucanneers 4-0. Cincinnati looks to be for real. May come down to them and Pittsburgh in the AFC North. If the Patriots don't get it in gear, Peyton Manning won't even have to go through New England to get to the big dance.

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