Tuesday, October 04, 2005

God Bless, Catherine Crier

A few bloggerings ago, I mentioned that Catherine Crier, a lawyer and former elected Republican judge in Texas, who went on to host her own show on Roger Ailes' Fox "News" network, and then moved over to Court TV, and who has written such anti-liberal books as The Case Against Lawyers, has finally had it up to here with the religious fundamentalism that's taken over her party and that has infected the mainstream of American politics (not for the first time, by the way).

She's written a new book entitled Contempt: How The Right Is Wronging American Justice. Now, I usually don't buy or read books that have the author's picture, particularly a near full body shot, draped all over the cover. But Crier's book is an exception.

Last night, the occasion of the Harriet Miers nomination had her on the Comcast channel discussing the pic, where she got to lay one in good about how the "right" is trying to enforce their narrow view of law and life on the rest of us, as a representative from one of the "family" organizations sputtered.

Hey, I'm a religious person. I read the Good Book almost daily and go to church weekly. I think there is a god or a higher power of consciousness. Catherine Crier and millions of others like her do, too. But the Bible is not a political theory or public policy text. And anyone who says it is plainly has not read, or seriously considered, what's written in it.

I'll provide examples later, but for now, thank you Catherine Crier for coming out of the religious liberty closet.

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