Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Radio Militia "Tour" A Bust

There haven't been any updates on the Tour of Truth crusade for two days, although presumably the group has finally made it to the Green Zone.

At the same time, we recognize it hasn't been the best of weeks to be in Baghdad to trumpet the Good News of the U.S. led occupation of Iraq.

First, the infamous "fly paper" strategy got blown all to bits when four bombs were detonated in London last Thursday, killing (as of today) 52 people. So instead of being able to bellow about how the Iraqi invasion was giving us the option of fighting the terrorists "there" (the Middle East) instead of "here"(the West), the radio militia's tour of duty has been distracted by the events in London, and the collapse of yet another administration talking point forces its admirers to alter their rhetoric to fit the changed circumstances.

Second, the bombings in Baghdad have continued, most recently as 27 people, mostly Iraqi children, were killed by a car-bomber driving into the midst of American GI's distributing of candy. A previous attack by Iraqi insurgents in Baghdad resulted in the deaths of 25 people, mostly recruits to the Iraqi army at a recruiting center.

Finally, the American press has been all over Plamegate, peppering Scotty with all sorts of nagging questions about Karl Rove's involvement with the outing of CIA agent-operative Valerie Plame, in retaliation for her husband, Joe Wilson's calling the administration's Iraqi yellow cake allegations bogus.

So it hasn't been a good week for the conservative radio "delegation", who had not only to battle the fact that they were the D-list of conservative hate radio that probably wouldn't have gotten much attention anyway, but have had to contend with events in Baghdad, London, and DC that have not contributed positively to their view of the world and the rosy scenario they wished to project to their listeners and the wider American public.

UPDATE: Well, THIS is sure exciting, isn't it?

UPDATE: They've talked to the head of the Iraqi "army" over there and think they've got the scoop. But strangely, nothing about today's attacks in Baghdad.

Classic quotes:

In terms of raw numbers, there are now more Iraqi security forces in the country than coalition troops.

And I have a bridge to sell you.


What will it take to overcome all these challenges? Courage. The Iraqi and Coalition forces have it in abundance. Tomorrow we will test our courage as we go out on patrol.

Yeah, boy.

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