Monday, June 20, 2005

Week in Review

I was on vacation last week, hence the lack of posts. But what a week it was. Let's review.

Michael Jackson, not guilty on ten counts of child molestation, corrupting minors with alcohol, etc. Court TV scribes, Nancy Grace and Diane Dimond, not happy, as they're caught, cold busted, insinuating, if not proclaiming, his guilt throughout the length of the trial. Grace eats crow before proceeding to the next round of celebrity trials where she can declare the culprit guilty before proven innocent.

Terri Schiavo autopsy results released, confirming everything science had said about her condition over the past 15 years but also including the new fact that Schiavo was also absolutely flat out blind. Couldn't see. And no evidence of abuse. Not willing to leave well enough alone, however, wingnuts respond by again raising spector of judicial homicide; act as if autopsy results are unimportant. An ill-timed Mark Furman book on the case is soon to be released.

The world's worst congressman*, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, is found cashing in on the graciousness of his campaign contributors.

Demonstrating profound courage, in the only way that one can after the contentiousness of the acts has long passed, and the matter is not longer contentious, The U.S. Senate passed a resolution apologizing for its failure to pass an anti-lynching bill during the time over the last century when it might have been useful.

I finally bought a new Dell computer on-line last night and expect it to come in over the next week or two. Whooo hooo! The computer currently holding up dust in my study at home has been dated by archaeologists to have been manufactured in or about the year 1999.

*Well, who would you nominate?

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