Friday, June 24, 2005

Getting Grouchy

Like my blogging compatriot, Alt Hippo, I, too, can get cranky now and then.

What usually serves to make me grouchy is when I haven't had my morning egg-and-bagel, when I haven't had my mid-morning caffeine break, and when James Wolcott hasn't updated his blog.

Fortunately, after I satisfied the first two requirements, James Wolcott came through with a new post. And, boy, is it a goodie. I especially loved this line:

This marks a tactical shift from the stay-the-coursers. Only a few weeks ago, White House flacks and their shoeshiners in the media were shrugging off the bad poll numbers with "Hey, polls go up and down." You know, sorta like the stock market. You just gotta ride out these bumps. But now that it's clear even to Bush fantasists that the polls numbers on Iraq aren't going up and down, they're only going in one direction, and picking up speed as they descend, they're saying that the opinion of the American people must be discounted for their own good.

Shoeshiners in the media. That's a gem. Not sure if it's copyrighted, but I intend to insert it wastefully in future posts. At least you'll known where I got it from.

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