Friday, June 03, 2005

War Solutions

As a member of the U.S. Senate, it is my duty to help solve problems for the American people. One of those problems is the declining enrollment in our military, especially now that we're at war.

I was prepared to ask my staff to present me with an array of possible solutions and recommendations that I could make in committee. Fortunately, however, I awoke this morning to find that two web bloggers, a TBogg and a No More Mister Nice Blog, have been hard at work in this area and have made several important suggestions. I intend to package these ideas into a bill and to present them before Congress in the next few days.

But more needs to be done. We need your support. Please call your member of Congress today and let them know that you support the "voluntary" enlistment of America's young war advocates. College and university attendance, not to mention, punditry obligations, should not be a barrier to service for the many men and women who yearn to fight abroad with real weapons. These classes have been neglected far too long, and I urge that they be afforded every opportunity to fulfill their goals and live their values.

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