Friday, May 20, 2005

Flip Flopping

It's for reasons like this, that Andrew Sullivan has earned his way back into my good graces and gotten himself a spot on my blog roll:

THE SPIN ON TORTURE: It has gone chronologically something like this: "Its not true. Its not true. It may be true but its not torture. Okay, its torture, but isnt official policy. It may be true and official policy, but we changed the policy and we uncovered the abuses ourselves. It may be true, it may have been widespread, but weve punished the culprits. It may be true, it may have been widespread, it may still be happening, but all these reports are old news." Well, give these guys points for effort. How about: it is true; it should never have happened; the people responsible for the policy as well as the criminals should be punished. Ah, but that would mean taking responsibility, wouldnt it? And we dont do that in this administration, do we? Even at the expense of hurting the war effort and staining the reputation of countless great soldiers in a noble cause.

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