Thursday, May 19, 2005

Filibuster or Bust

All seven get filibustered. That's our deal. No deals. Just bring it.

If the Repubs want to scuttle the filibuster, obstensibly just for judicial nominees who are presumed to have majority support, but in principle for any old reason 't all, then, please go ahead.

These seven, feudalists all, won't significantly kick back further the cause of civil rights than what you guys have already succeeded in doing. And if you want to bring more feudalist, religious dominionists up for nomination, we'll filibuster them too. And then you can scuttle the filibuster again. And on and on. And we'll remember.

Meanwhile, dear Democrats, hear this. And hear it well. Those "centrist" Republicans you think are gonna defy the WH and their Party on this, for the sake of Senate tradition and friendly bipartisanship, well, they aren't. Nope. McCain maybe. One of the Maine Senators, could be. But these teases you're getting from Sununu, Hagel, Pat Roberts, Voinovich, Chaffey, nah. They'll lead you on, making you think you're going to succeed with the filibuster, and then before you can say, William Henry Harrison, they're gonna vote with their Party. Here's a prediction: They won't even need Cheney's tie-breaking vote.

Some Democrats and press reports gossiping about the supposed reluctance of some "centrist" Repubs to smacking down the filibuster remind me of that night you were thinking your great looking date, who you never thought would give you the time of day but who actually agreed to go out with you, was going to agree to go a little further. But at the last moment, she didn't. Did she? You were in the car getting all steamed up, and then, outta nowhere, she put up the stop sign.* You went home proud of how far you actually did get, and maybe you even had thoughts you could call her later and try again. But you went as far as you would. After a time, you settled in and realized you needed to try somewhere else. That's these "centrist" Repubs. You ain't gettin Sununu's vote, or Roberts' or Voinovich's.

They'll get their nominees through, and then we'll move on. There's more work to do.

*The author denies any and all reports that any such examples from his past conform to even the slightest degree with the illustration discussed here.

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