Friday, February 18, 2005

The Trail of "Treason" and The Coming Fascism of the Political Right

Although the notion has been around ever since the country's founding, the word "treason" is increasingly being applied to opponents of the current administration's policies and the ideology of its supporters. The 9-11 attacks and the assumption of power by a Republican majority since 2000 have dramatically increased the trend whereby those who disagree with the ruling regime's ideas and actions are being labeled as traitors to the country.

Below I have included links to a snapshot of issues and persons that illustrate this trend. In some cases, the links depict a summary of right wing commentary and accusations, and in some cases, the right wing sources are clearly peripheral. In addition, it must be admitted that some opponents of the Bush administration have themselves referred to the president and his actions as traitorous. So it's important to acknowledge the necessary qualifications. At the same time, the growing frequency and intensity of the accusations of "treason" from the right represents a great cause for concern.

Below are some of the names of those accusing the "left" of treason and those being accused, which I have indicated following the link:

Michael Moore accused

Ann Coulter accuser

Eason and CNN accused

Ward Churchill accused

John Kerry accused

NY Sun - War Protestors accuser and accused

Southern Reconstructionists accuser

The UN accused

Zell Miller accuser

Washington Times and Marvin Olasky accusers

NewsMax accusers

Powerline and President Carter accuser and accused

As I said, this represents the product of only a quick google search. Maybe someone with more time and better expertise could do a more detailed and thorough investigation. But I think it's enough to show the degree to which the charge is being made against opponents of Bush and the conservative establishment.

Fascism in Nazi Germany was above all else, a hyper-violent strain of nationalism, which in addition to its goals of world domination, violently oppressed its opponents at home. Is it looking familiar here? Welcome to the new Conservative Political Correctness.


alt hippo said...

I've certainly noticed the trend. David Neiwart has spent a lot of his blog space on this discussion as well. Some of these people, e.g., Coulter, are so crazy barking mad that it's hard to believe they have any real influence.

The Powerline guys are more crazy like foxes. They concern me more as they come across as motivated activists and not infotainers. Plus, they're well-connected.

Arvin Hill said...

I agree with everything in your post with one exception: It isn't the "coming" fascism. It's here. For further elaboration, see Erlich's Little Freeptrash. I've grown weary of academics and intellectuals asserting otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Sigh . . . this is all so pre-9/11. Didn't you get the memo? You're either with us or against us.

Bulworth said...

Arvin, yes you're right. The "coming" part of my headline was my attempt to be careful and generous. It's here.

Speaking of which, Alt Hippo, Tbogg drops us this reminder of the lunatic rantings of Coulter (some of my favorite ones I'll admit).