Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson - Apostate Christianity's Latest Pathetic Spokesperson

You might have heard recently that the noted neurosurgeon and best-selling author of books about himself, Ben Carson, took to the podium at the nation's celebrated "prayer breakfast" or whatever it's called to speak on behalf of his aggrieved class of fellow high earners and privileged religionists. Rather than afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted the good doctor agitated for a flat tax, because the slightly higher tax rates that the upper middle income and wealthy pay on a fraction of their generous income is incredibly burdensome and so terrible unfair, even though marginal, not to mention average, tax rates in this country are still lower than they've been since the Great Depression, not even accounting for the multiple tax deductions most of us fortunate householders and charity givers are allowed to take, drastically reducing the ultimate tax incidence any of us are subject to, but let's not discuss that here. He also called attention to the unconscionable oppression suffered by well to do Christians from sea to shining sea who suffer under the lash of having Happy Holidays said to them instead of Merry Christmas while shopping for unneeded goods during the nation's grotesquely commercial and materialistic year-end celebration of itself and all things bought, produced and sold.

God, what a sorry spectacle we've become, this nation, it's so-called Christian class of value warriors. It's small wonder that more and more Americans affiliate with no religion and are abandoning the Christian world. Pathetic.

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Steve M. said...

Wonder what the Kochs are paying him. I know he makes nice money as a doctor and prof, but that doesn't mean a little extra cash wouldn't be welcome.