Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Iowa and the GOP

From this otherwise unremarkable and unenlightening article in today's Post, Dan Balz says:

The extent to which Romney solidified his position on Monday will also affect Jon Huntsman Jr. The former Utah governor and former U.S. ambassador to China in the Obama administration will announce his candidacy next week.

In so many ways he and Romney are competing for the same support. Both are former governors, both tout business experience, both are Mormons, and neither feels comfortable with the electorate in Iowa and therefore must take his stand in New Hampshire.

Not to concern-troll for Romney or Huntsman, but if the GOP wants to win the WH in 2012 I would assume winning Iowa would be part of that strategic calculus.

It's possible they figure that with other more evangelical conservatives in the race, especially with Minnesota neighbors Pawlenty and Bachmann competing in the Iowa caucuses, the two Utah Mormons need to make their stand elsewhere.

But if they aren't "comfortable with the Iowa electorate", that could make for a tougher general election as well.

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