Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marriage Equality in Maryland: Vote Expected Tomorrow

It hasn't gotten much attention nationally (there have been, admittedly, a few other things going on), but the Maryland state Senate recently passed a bill permitting same sex marriage (marriage, not civil unions). The bill is currently being debated in the state House, where it's prospects are less certain. Governor Martin O'Malley has promised to sign the bill if it is passed by the House. Opponents likewise promise to force a referendum on the 2012 ballot if the House passes the measure. Although Maryland is heavily Democratic, church groups, especially those in primarily African American Prince Georges County have spoken out against the bill.

Obviously I want the bill to pass, and have contacted my House delegates about it. All of them (Howard County Democrats) support it, and at least one is a co-sponsor.

However, even if the vote tomorrow is successful, the effort for marriage equality would be far from over. It's also apparent that marriage equality proponents have more work to do in broadening our supporting coalition.

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