Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Very Serious People we should revere

Ruth Marcus in today's Post:

Asked what had inspired her to fly to the capital from Colorado, Andrea Carrasco started with God and ended with light bulbs.

She came, Carrasco said, to "ask God to restore the country. Our freedom is lost. My freedoms are lost. To be able to preach anywhere we want, to have God in our schools, to drive any kind of car we want and if I want to drive a gas guzzler, I can, if I want to eat a lot of sugar and salt, and I shouldn't be forced to buy medical care."

Carrasco paused, but only briefly. "To be able to burn the kind of light bulb I want," she added. "The list goes on."

I'm not aware of any laws preventing anyone from buying the latest gas guzzling SUV on the market, but I guess she hasn't considered that maybe "God" doesn't want her to "drive any kind of car we want."

Like most evangelicals, God seems to exist to indulge her every material desire whether or not such desires deplete scarce natural resources.

She also doesn't want to be "forced to buy medical care". I wonder who she wants to foot the bill when she or one of her rugrats ends up in the emergency room?

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