Friday, July 24, 2009

That's Some Spirited Revolution You Got There

Let me see if I can get this straight. Two days ago, the founder of Free Republic, the flagship of the conservative intertubes, basically issued a Fatwah against the entire U.S. government. "The govmit is oppressing us, taking away our guns and bibles, imprisoning us in FEMA trailers, and so on, so we have a natural right to rebel and throw off said oppressive govmit, which is illegally headed by a muslim born in Kenya." Sounds pretty provocative. They even want to unilaterally dispense with some Constitutional Amendments in the process. And while the call to arms is obstensibly peaceful--they merely want everyone in the gov to resign--there's no telling what happens if this demand is disobeyed. Could get violent.

But fear not. They don't really mean it. Stay calm. Because this week, barely a day after Free Republic's call for holy war, or at least for state conventions across the heartland to secede, conservatives got all in a snit because an uppity black man in his own house in the middle of the day in a pretty swanky neighborhood protested being arrested for contempt of cop. And the illegal muslim president said the cops acted "stupidly". This was too much for the die hard patriotic rebels in the conservative movement who, immediately after collapsing onto their fainting couches at such an affront to law and order, rushed to defend the right of socialized police forces everywhere to unapologetically take away a person's Liberty and Freedom, and arrest anyone anywhere for whatever reason, even if the charges are bogus and have to be dropped later.


Not sure what this means for the conservative revolution and the spirit of '09. What happens if during their god-given right to purge the country of heretics, liberals, and humanists, these conservatives are approached nicely by the men in blue and told to stand down? I shudder to think. With this kind of meekness, defeatism, and cut-and-runism, how can we ever hope to have a non-ballot-box revolution?


Anonymous said...

The contradictions abound. They fear the state in health care, yet trust the state to forcefully spread and promote 'democracy' around the world. The same folks that knee-jerk anti-OB and anti-government are the same folks that think the gov. should intervene in 'enemy countries'. The same folks that want more military spending.

Mainstreaming the militia continues. my blood is boling.

Steve M. said...

They don't see the military as part of the government. They really don't. The cops either, but definitely not the military. A favorite right-wing image is rough justice being dealt out to commies, or terrorists, by Chuck Norris, or a guy in a pickup truck with a "Terrorist Hunting License," or, as Charlie Daniels put it back around 1980,

And we may have done a little bit of fighting amongst ourselves, but you outside people best leave us alone.... You just go and lay your head on a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and I think you're gonna finally understand.