Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are the religious reichers moral relativists on usury?

We already know of course that the religious reichers are moral relativists on torture.


Steve M. said...

Yes. Hell yes. Obviously.

But I'm thinking of something Christopher Hayes said on Olbermann's show this week, about conservatives believing that anything they do is definitionally moral and lawful -- if they waterboard, it can't be torture, because they're moral and law-abiding by definition, therefore they can't violate the law or a moral code, because it's theoretically impossible. Well, they're Christians, so no matter what the Bible says about usury, if they tolerate (or, as businesspeople, charge) an interest rate, that rate simply can't be usurious -- by definition, because of who they are.

nikto said...

It is a cornerstone of my religion for Christians NOT to be allowed to breathe oxygen.

So whenever a Christian breathes air, it is deeply offensive to me.


Christians are interfering with my right not to have them breathe!!!

I mean no offense to them (it's just my religious faith that needs to be respected).

But they mean offense to me!!

Look at them----Walking around, Breathing as if nothing mattered
at all!

What Horrible scumbags to offend my Faith like that!!!!!!!