Saturday, November 15, 2008

SOS Hillary

There's a lot to like in having Hillary as Secretary of State.

But there are a couple of problems. One, it seems like an awful snub of Bill Richardson, who (1) came out for Obama late in the primaries only to feel the wrath of Clinton and (2) represents a demographic that also came out heavy for Obama in the general election and contributed significantly to his victory, and which, one might think, is deserving of a prominent spot in the administration. A snub of Richardson would come across as a snub to many of them as well.

There's also that little matter of policy. One of Obama's signature themes, for which both Hillary and McLame attacked him, was his negotiating stance, his willingness to meet with one and all foreign leaders, promising, at least potentially, a break with the foreign policy norms of presidents past, Republican and Democrat. Real change if you will. I've no doubt that if she accepts the appointment, Hillary would act in Obama's interests here. But at a minimum, it could pose some awkward questions at a confirmation hearing--if there is one.

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The Stark Raving Viking said...

Hillary probably advocates more behind the scenes for citizen abuse and retaliation than even George W. Bush!

Having Hillary Clinton in any administration or any political position means nothing but sleaze.

I want to see Barack Obama's administration succeed.

Taking Hillary Clinton on board is a big mistake.

One of the most corrupt court districts happens to be Hillary's.

A constituent of US Senator in New York had concerns about the federal judge nominee, Wesley, also a favorite of George W. Bush. Judge Wesley seems to be a team player out to keep judicial misconduct secret and those expose, jailed.

Elena Sassower wanted to warn Hillary Clinton about the shenanigans of Judge Wesley, so Clinton allegedly saw to it that Sassower was jailed to shut her up about the truth. [more info]