Friday, October 31, 2008

Life and Times at Wingnut U

There are just so many levels of precious in this (front page) Washington Post article on Liberty University (the late Jerry Falwell's creation), but I'll just single out this julicious nugget of gobbledygook:

Metallo takes the class through Britain's government structure, at one point explaining how voting rights were gradually widened, and not always for good. "The expansion of the electoral franchise led to the growth of the welfare state," the professor says. "People are able to vote money out of your pocket and into their own."

Well, bless their Jesus-loving hearts. Too many people vote. Or vote the wrong way. Yes, by all means, let's roll back the clock on voting rights, maybe throw in a poll tax or two, just to make sure that if the gubmit is going to be working for anyone, it will continue to be rich, right-wing evangelicals and not for the unwashed masses.

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