Saturday, August 09, 2008


Tired of Republican presidential candidates and administrations that pander to the club for growth wing of their party by always clamoring for larger and more frequent tax cuts? Tired of Republican administrations bent on invading and occupying middle eastern countries for hundreds of years?

Then 2017 is the magic number for you to remember. In 2017, the party's over for Republicans always looking to bust the budget and rule the world. In 2017, Social Security income will for the first time in decades fall short of what's needed to pay monthly benefits. This means that beginning in 2017, Republican administrations and Republican congresses won't have the Social Security surpluses to kick around anymore. Or rather, beginning in 2017, when Social Security is no longer running a cash-flow surplus--as it currently does and has done since the 1980's--Republicans bent on wars without end and tax cuts for the rich and famous, won't have any Social Security surpluses to help them out, and they'll have to either borrow the money from outside of the government, or start trying to live within the country's means. In 2017, Republicans, who have always threatened to starve the beast of government but who have in actuality always governed like drunken sailors--will actually have to start cutting back on the military outposts they want to establish around the world and tax cuts they want to enact at home.

2017--When things really start to get fun.

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