Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dobson and his FOTF are a Joke

This is amusing.

Speaking of faith matters, Obama said:

"Which passages of scripture should guide our public policy?" Obama asked in the speech. "Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is OK and that eating shellfish is an abomination? Or we could go with Deuteronomy, which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith? Or should we just stick to the Sermon on the Mount?

"So before we get carried away, let's read our Bible now," Obama said, to cheers. "Folks haven't been reading their Bible."

He also called Jesus' Sermon on the Mount "a passage that is so radical that it's doubtful that our Defense Department would survive its application."

In response, Dobson's camp issued this declaimer:

...Obama should not be referencing antiquated dietary codes and passages from the Old Testament that are no longer relevant to the teachings of the New Testament.

Get that? The OT is just junk, according to Dobson. It's "antiquated" and "no longer relevant."

But then later, the FOTF chieftain through is PR minion issues this smarmy, contradictory statement:

"Evangelicals are people who take Bible interpretation very seriously, and the sort of speech he gave shows that he is worlds away in the views of evangelicals," he said.

Get that? "Evangelicals...take Bible interpretation very seriously." No, they don't. Just after throwing three quarters of the Christian holy book (i.e. The Old Testament) under the bus, Dobson's munchkin has the gall to claim that "Evangelicals....take Bible interpretation seriously."

But even if you allow Dobson and his crew to claim that when they want to impose Biblical morality on the country they really only mean the New Testament Bible, there's still that matter about the Sermon on the Mount and Obama's linking of those famous injunctions to the presence of the U.S. Department of War (er, Defense), which Dobson's mouthpiece didn't bother reflecting on.

So, when it really comes down to it, when you get through with Dobson's Christian Bible, what you have left is basically the covers.

Dobson and the Christianist, theocon community are a ridiculous joke.

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