Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wanker of the Day: Brian Williams

NBC Nightly "News" Anchor and blogger.

It's hard to know where to start. He disses Elizabeth Edwards and her more than valid complaint about the media, particularly its television and cable "news" wing, but without once referring to the substance of her op-ed. Instead, Williams does a little bait and switch by pivoting quickly away from Edwards' article to an ignorant, mocking critique of two puff pieces in the NYT's Styles and Travel sections. Williams, seemingly ignorant of his own profession's momentous slide in viewership, also snidely flips off the NYT for its modestly declining readership, in yet another shallow attempt to play hide the salami.

As if this wasn't bizarre enough, Williams then launches a glowing tribute to one Peggy Noonan, former speech writer and propagandist for Ronald Reagan, appraising as a "sparkling piece of journalism" another in a long list of trite, vapid whines about culture, "patriotism", flag pins, the candidates, and airports, and how Obama should shed tears of praise and adoration in response to the exploits of the infamous Nazi sympathizer Henry Ford.

Meanwhile, absent in any of this is a reference, comment, analysis, or explanation of his network's (along with CBS and ABC) use of Pentagon approved and orchestrated ex-retired-super-double-secret-probation military generals to propagandize the war effort leading up to and after the invasion of Iraq, reported on two weeks ago by the NYT, the same paper Williams was attempting to defame.

Finally, Williams deigns to return to his blog and the hundreds of blistering reader posts holding him accountable and arrogantly defends himself and the generals as not possibly having the gaul to do the very ignorant and deceitful things that bad old NYT reported they had.

But the Greenwald piece is at least a jewel.

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