Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Political Untouchables

Josh Marshall says:

Let's note that Sen. McCain has decided to hang tough with his embrace of anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic Pastor John Hagee. And the major papers and cable news outlets have decided to give him a pass.

Matt Yglesias says:

I've been Hagee-bashing since before it was cool, so this pisses me off, too. But realistically it's not the press and the cable networks that gave McCain a pass, it was Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They gave him a pass because, of course, they were arguing with each other.


Yeah, and I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for either Clinton or Obama to bring up the Hagee endorsement or the screaming pastor's crazy Jews-be-damned apocalyptic rantings. Despite all the whining by religious conservatives about how everyone from Hollywood to the media, university elites, and various reality world social and physical scientists hate them, their own elites are virtually unassailable, shielded by the belief among many in the media that calling evangelicals on what they actually believe is somehow derogatory and by the belief among many Democratic politicians that to antagonize conservative evangelicals in any way, shape or form spells doom, no matter how crazy and nutjob the evangelicals are and despite the very serious implications for American politics and world harmony that the evangelicals' apocalyptic threats carry and Republican embrace of said rantings represent.

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Anonymous said...

Even after all these years, I am still astonished that people like McCain get a free pass on things like this.