Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Conspiracy Theories

I haven't scrogged through all the sermons of Reverand Wright proliferating on the Internets and which are causing such consternation among our chattering classes who apparently have never spent any time listening to conservative hate radio or sat in on any right-wingish hate sermons by popular white Christians (evangelical and Roman Catholic), many of whose rantings can be watched daily on the various religious cable teevee stations (TBN, DayStar, Inspiration, EWTN) that adorn most cable packages, or noticing the showers of love our political elite has poured upon each for decades.

And while Wright's bit about HIV being a government conspiracy is certainly offensive and nutty, I'm not sure it's any worse than being told that there is a homosexual lobby plotting the destruction of the family or that America has been a sponsor of a kilo-sized holocaust of baby killings or that if elected John Kerry and his Democrat party would confiscate all the Bibles from faithful right-wingers or that for thousands of years trillions of human souls, if not bodies, have been burning in hell and that a large proportion of the billion human souls alive today will also be destroyed by hell fire or that Russian, China, Iran and other enemies of American and Israel are set to launch a nuclear war against Jerusalem.

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