Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Democracy in Action

Chris Bowers has provided a valuable service here by tallying up the range of possible primary/caucus votes and delegate counts (collectively=votes) for Obama and Clinton.

Obama leads in all five, with the spread being about 800,000 votes (the most favorable Obama count) to 100,000 votes (the most favorable Clinton count).

In a nutshell, this has obviously been a very competitive and very closely fought contest.

The media villagers have gotten used to one or two state virtual primary/caucus coronations; but there is not anything necessarily unusual or undesirable about the process so far this year. Let the debate continue and let the people vote.

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shoffy22 said...

indeed! a definite benefit of having this longer campaign will no doubt be that almost everyone in the country who wants to will have gotten a chance to vote in the primary - what a great thing! i'm with bulworth on the benefits of a longer primary season. viva la democraccia!