Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yes We Can!

He started off slowly and didn't come out with his new signature line until near the end of his speech.

It was and is a great line, but unfortunately, he didn't get to speak last tonight.

Hillary to me still seems a candidate without a vision, reading off of Bill's script from the last decade. I lived through the 1990's. While the economy did well, the Democratic Party did not. Nor were there any major advances in public policy. Bill Clinton's presidency ended in incremental and symbolic policy maneuvers (remember school uniforms and bridges to the 21st century?) and with liberalism largely in ruins and on the run, in worse shape than the Clintons found it.

It's possible that something good will come of this. Maybe this quick setback will give the Obama campaign some experience in handling adversity and encourage the candidate to better refine his message. But for now, a Hillary victory has only prolonged the prospect of enduring more months of a politics of the same.

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