Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alan Keyes!

Matt Yglesias is in rare form today:

Whatever else happens in 2008, one thing that's certain is that Rudy Giuliani won't be elected president. That's something I'm thankful for. And, based on the results, I think it's something that virtually everyone in America can be thankful for -- something that can unite Americans across the cultural divide. From Red America to Blue America, everywhere but the Commentary office and the foreign policy wing of the American Enterprise Institute, we stand proud tonight as a nation that refuses to be governed by Rudy.

Josh Marshall, too:

I still believe in Mitt's dream. But man, that was one really dejected group of people standing behind him. They couldn't even manage to seem excited as Mitt talked aimlessly about all the conservative claptrap he doesn't really believe in.


I think TPM Reader AF has it right. At this point, even with 35% of the precincts reporting, we can declare this one for Rudy. Rudy now has 16% of the vote. And Ron Paul has only 3%. So it's basically impossible for Ron Paul to come back and keep up his winning streak over Rudy Giuliani.

And not to be left undone, Andrew Sullivan briefs us on the campaign strategery of Alan Keyes.

Meanwhile, it was being widely reported last night, even before the networks finally called the Sunshine State for McCain, that Rudy would drop out and endorse the Arizona Senator by today.

But this morning's first surprise is that another big name is dropping out first--John Edwards.

Let the punditrywonkery as to who this benefits begin.

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