Thursday, October 11, 2007

Where are "Pro-Family" Conservatives on SCHIP?

Mostly AWOL. One of the things I sometimes like to do when hot-button, socio-economic issues like SCHIP come on the agenda is check out what our supposedly "pro-family" groups on the "right" have to say. Regarding SCHIP, which affects millions of families and children, these groups must be going 24/7 emploring their readers to contact their congresspeople and demand that the program be expanded and the president's veto be over-ridden.

So, here is the summary of my research:

Checked the National Right to Life site, and nuthin'.

Checked Focus on the Family, and zippo.

Checked the site for the Family Research Council, which counsels against the bill for a variety of tangential reasons having to do with Planned Parenthood. I wonder why the NRTLC wasn't all over this angle?

Sigh. This has been another edition of your irregular What Do Conservative "Pro-Family" Groups Have To Say About Public Policy That Affects Families?

Hope you'll tune in next time when I ask, Where are "Pro-Family" Conservatives on Blackwater and how the Shoot to Kill Stategeries of Independent Mercenary Contractors in Iraq are Endangering Iraq's Families.

Thanks for watching.

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