Monday, October 22, 2007

I Have Too Much Health Care

I confess I am guilty of violating the new rule about health insurance coverage. Simply put, I have too much health care.

I went to have a physical exam today (I'm 41). According to the statement I received at the end of my visit, the charge for the exam was $385. That, plus a barrage of blood tests recommended by my doctor brought my total doctor visit bill to over $1,000. Of course, like the true welfare dependent I am, I did not fork over that much money. I only paid $15, my co-pay set by Blue Cross and Blue Shield and my employer.

I realize now I should have spent time going through the entire Washington, D.C. and Maryland phone books for doctors, asking each about their charges, instead of relying on the professional referral of someone else. I also should have delayed my bloodwork until I was certain that it would be analyzed by the lab offering the lowest price.

I sincerely regret my actions, but the devil--I mean, my insurance company, made me do it.

%*@# private health insurance companies! We need "market reform".

I see Matt Yglesias is guilty of the same offense.

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