Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another "Knockoff"

Among the right-wing's War is Peace bag of goodies has been a variety and growing line of feable attempts to create "knockoffs" that would, presumably, rally the grassroots, or more likely the 28% dead-enders and their media enablers to the righteousness of their cause, whatever that is.

The latest is something called Freedom March--I'm sorry--Freedom's Watchers--er, I mean Freedom Watchers, um, anyway. It has a prominent list of well-connected Board members including former Bush mouthpiece Ari Fleischer brought out of retirement for a second act of bamboozling the press, and apparently, and this is very useful, much moola to spend.

But before this week's Freedom Watching Illuminati we had The Victory Caucus. The Victory Caucus had an illustrious Board of Governors, too. Consequently, before it "relaunched" last month, whatever that means, The Victory Caucus was supposed to be the right-wing's answer to

Meanwhile, between the first launching of The Victory Caucus, and its relaunching last month, there was yet another right-wing stab at creating the illusion of grassroots support for endless war, or for at least propping up the Decider and what was left of the conservative Republican establishment after the 2006 election beatings, called, We Win, They Lose. We Win, They Lose, was the brainchild of former U.S. Senator, Tommy Frist, age 13. We Win, They Lose was trumpeted breathlessly by the likes of Glenn Reynolds, age 19, and Michelle Malkin, age 17, which should give you some indication of Win Win, They Lose's prospects.

So, Freedom's WatchTower (yawn), welcome to the party. When's the relaunch?

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