Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lose Your Senate Seat, Get an Op-Ed Column

Michael Tomasky and David Sirota are flabbergasted that Rick Santorum, the Pittsburgh-bred, former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania who lost his fight for re-election last fall by Reagan-landslide proportions and who now lives in VA, is being handed a platform for his views by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the newspaper for a city that voted 84-16 against Santorum just four short months ago. It's about as god-awful goofy as inviting some liberal Senator from a big city to write an op-ed for a small-town, regular American newspaper.

But I don't find this surprising at all. For one thing, teh Republic Party is popular. It's the president's party after all. B, the media is liberal; hence the need for outspoken conservative voices, which we are in dire need of today when our country faces existential challenges from radical Islamicists. III, Santorum was recently selected to head up an important new program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a non-partisan, Opus Dei Catholic, neoconservative "think tank" in Washington, D.C., our nation's capital. The important new program will be known as America's Enemies. According to the Center's webpage, America's Enemies will

work to identify, study, and heighten awareness of the threats to America and the West from a growing array of anti-Western forces and states that increasingly cast a shadow over our future and that violate religious liberty around the world.

And it isn't just the Islamacistics we have to worry about either.

“It’s a stark name,” says Santorum. “But we wanted to be candid about the fact that America really does have enemies and to point out that the nature of these enemies is much more complex than what people realize. It’s not just Islamic fascism, but also Venezuela, North Korea, and, increasingly in my opinion, Russia.”

So, it's clear that without any radio stations to speak of, and no cable teevee stations from which to carry their vital message, and unfairly under-represented in the nation's capital, today's conservatives are vastly marginalized in the media and government. In this environment, it's only fitting that a defeated standard bearer be granted a podium on behalf of teh Republic Party. This is especially true when the subject is America's Enemies. The only problem I see so far is a reluctance on the part of the former Senator to direct his and his Center's energies at the full range of America's Enemies--namely American Liberals, Old Europe and other traitors among the renegade injured soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital who have been opening their yaps to the liberal media.

Maybe the former Pennsylvania Senator who only won 16% of the vote in the city of the newspaper for which he'll now be writing will be quick to link up with the Victory Caucus, another new ideological juggernaut of patriotism and chicken-hawkism that is aiming its rhetorical weapons at America's internal enemiesm, rather than its foreign enemies who after all, live really far away and speak other languages. And since he gets to stay in the city he used to work in, Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, he'll benefit from the presence of one of his former Senate colleagues, Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman, who could give him some tips about getting guest gigs at the Wall Street Journal and who might also encourage Santorum to link up with one of Joe's favorite outfits, the Committee on the Present Danger.

Anyway, with a little more thoughtful, civil consideration, I'm sure Michael Tomasky, David Sirota, and other mean liberals will welcome the former Senator to the liberal media kingdom. Even if he is from western Pennsylvania, now lives in VA, works in Washington, D.C. and will publish in a Philadelphia newspaper.

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