Monday, September 04, 2006

Martydom and Torture

I didn't know what else to title this post, but I've been thinking about the connection between conservatives who, on the one hand, want to give the government free reign to torture "terrorists-insurgents-liberals" and who on the other hand, express anger, shock, disappointment--whatever the source of the vitriolic spit is--at western hostages (in this case, journalists) who opt to make canned confessions-accusations at the behest of their captors so as to save themselves.

As to the first, conservatives seem to think that prisoners of our war on terror will, under the threat or implementation of torture, truthfully confess the whereabouts of their comrades, the details of their Islamistist-fascisitist plans to conquer America, as well as their most secret western fetishes.

As to the second, conservative trackball warriors seem to demand that western hostages under the same or similar conditions clam up, not co-operate with their captors, and devoutly embrace the martydom the conservatives' war of civilizations requires, even if and though, as is likely the case, the heathen western journalists are neither Christian Nationalists United Against Islamcisticis Fasicistim or made of the same hearty, fearless stuff of the right-wing Internets militia.

Make sense to you?

Me neither.

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