Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well, You Haven't Been on My Show, Have You, Mr. Chaffee?

Mr. Atrios:

Easy Answers to Easy Questions

Greg Sargent asks:

RI-SEN: When Will Bigfoot Pundits Bemoan Laffey?


This has been another edition of easy answers to easy questions.

I don't think Chaffee has ever done MTP, the Beard's show, or Imus, so why should the Bigfoot pundit class be concerned that moderate Lincoln Chaffee, son and successor of the long-time moderate Rhode Island Republican John Chaffee is about to go down to defeat to a winger opponent in his party's primary? Chaffee's situation is totally different from Lieberman's. Lieberman appears on all the Bigfoot pundit shows, and Holy Joe's loss is seen by Big Media as a rebuke to them. Chaffee on the other hand, doesn't appear to know the Bigfoot pundits exist. And who knows, maybe this Laffey guy will be good for quotes and appearances?

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