Friday, June 16, 2006

Flattering Us With Their Fuss

Have you noticed the schizophrenic attitude the main stream press and right wing bloggers--but I repeat myself--took towards last weekend's YearlyKos convention?

Among the first out of the box was this blurb negatively contrasting the attendance at YearlyKos with other conventions apparently scheduled for Vegas this month.

Then came columns in Time and the New York Times by Ann Marie Cox and Mo Dowd respectively, which were likewise unimpressed.

Yet despite the low attendance numbers, Kos's supposedly poor track-record at backing winning candidates (which is Kos's job, afterall--he's a well-paid campaign consultant, recruiter, manager, and fundraiser), and the silliness of the attendees and panels, this small, irrelevant gathering somehow managed to attract enough attention to get Cox and Dowd off their duffeses to cover it and also attracted the attention of The King of All Cable TV himself.

So which is it? Small and irrelevant or threat to the Republic?

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