Thursday, May 11, 2006


The President may have 31% approval ratings, and the country may despise Congress, but that didn't stop 15 Democrats from joining all but two Republicans in the House of People's Deputies to pass the Tax "Relief" Extension Reconciliation Act yesterday.

Even the administration's collaborators at the Washington Post think this tax "relief" bill stinks to high heaven:

This is what passes for fairness in Washington these days: a big windfall for the wealthy to "pay for" -- at least in the skewed reality of Washington budgeting -- another tax cut for the wealthy.


You'll hear the administration and its allies crowing that a recent surge in tax revenue proves that the Bush tax cuts are "working." Capital gains cuts aren't a particularly effective way to stimulate the economy, and while the rise in the stock market coincided with the passage of the cuts in 2003, the evidence of a causal link is weak. In fact, tax revenue (and the stock market) did pretty well in the 1990s, too, with a more responsible fiscal policy.

It's true that there were enough Republican votes to pass this bill but, and even perhaps because of that fact, you'd think that by this time, the administration's Democratic enablers would have gotten the point and realized they don't need to keep bending over.

So who were faux 15?

Barrow (GA), Bean (IL), Boren (OK), Case (HI), Cramer (AL), Cuellar (TX), Davis (TN), Ford (TN), Gordon (TN), Marshall (GA), Matheson (UT), McIntyre (NC), Melancon (LA), Peterson (MN), and Salazar (CO).

Of this clan, only Barrow and Marshall voted Nay on last year's Leave No Credit Card Company Behind Act. Of course they were joined by 60 other Democratic weasels that day to pass bankruptcy "reform".

I'm really glad this group is on Our team, aren't you?

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