Friday, March 24, 2006

Jack Cafferty has a question

Tweety played host to an Army National Guardsman and his wife last night, the woman who asked President Bush at a bubble-protected appearance in West Virginia on Wednesday how they could get the media to report the good news in Iraq, instead of all the bad news.

Tweety fawned over the couple last night, telling the woman how brave she was for asking the President a question, and gee, yeah, maybe the media should do better at providing some "balance" to the Iraq coverage.

What a wanker that pseudo-populist Tweety is.

But thank goodness for Jack Cafferty:

From Crooks and Liars:

BLITZER: Very briefly, is there any sign of a backlash against the mainstream media because of our coverage of what's happening in Iraq?

KURTZ: Yes, among conservatives, among military family members and others. A lot of people, as we saw that woman from West Virginia, blaming us for the situation there.

CAFFERTY:..You know, I just have a question. I mean, part of the coverage, they don't like the coverage, maybe because we were sold a different ending to this story three years ago. We were told that we'd be embraced as conquering heroes, flower pedals strewn in the soldiers' paths, a unity government would be formed, everything would be rosy this -- three years after the fact, the troops would be home.

Well, it's not turning out that way. And if somebody came into New York City and blew up St. Patrick's Cathedral and in the resulting days they were finding 50 and 60 dead bodies a day on the streets of New York, you suppose the news media would cover it? You're damn right they would.

This is nonsense, it's the media's fault and the news isn't good in Iraq. The news isn't good in Iraq. There's violence in Iraq. People are found dead every day in the streets of Baghdad. This didn't turn out the way the politicians told us it would. And it's our fault? I beg to differ.

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