Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fighting the Iraq War with "One Arm Tied Behind Our Backs"

Along with the "blame the left" theme that will be trumpeted by conservatives in and out of the media when Iraq crumbles into oblivion and civil war (as if it hasn't already), prepare to hear another Vietnam era line as well: we didn't win in Iraq (Vietnam) because we had to fight the war "with one arm tied behind our backs".

If we had just dropped the bomb on them...if we had just been allowed to incinerate their cities, mosques, and oil lines...if we had been allowed to torture them at will...if we weren't just so darned concerned about morals and treating the enemy nice...if the media hadn't...if the politicians had just stayed out of it and let the military run the war...if the Democrats in Congress had just...if we had just ignored Abu Grab...if we had had a draft...if...if...

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