Thursday, January 26, 2006

"There is no 'Center' " and other Dispatches from Bizarro World

So, let me get this straight. A "Democratic" U.S. Senate candidate from PA, who presumably could pass on the question at the very least, comes out and says that Alito deserves to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, at least one sitting "Democratic" U.S. Senator has already indicated his support for the nominee, while another insists that should it come to a filibuster, she will vote for cloture, presumably along with all the other members of the opposition party, just so all the other fun stuff U.S. Senators get to work on can procede and the majority members won't be mad at her.

At the same time, for the sake of balance, you might think that that extinct species, known as the "moderate" Republican, might arise from the muck and declare their opposition to the nominee, based on the nominee's pretty clear unmoderateness. Just so things can be balanced, you know.

Well, so far, no "moderate" Republicans, or any GOP'ers for that matter, have come out against the nominee (and I suspect, just suspect, that they won't).

But undoubtedly, once Scalito is confirmed, the Chris Matthews media will declare that the "bipartisan" support for the nominee was a joy to behold, and that if only the other members of the Democratic U.S. Senate caucus hadn't been threatened and intimidated by the Uncivil Far Left blogosphere, that the vote could have been near unanimous, making the popular president Bush's life, and the media's, so much more enjoyable and peaceful.

Because, after all, we KNOW, just KNOW, that the Far Left is Very Uncivil, and that the Mainstream, jolly right is a happy, smiling, Christian-kindness-like presence on the Cable TV "news" circuit. And conservative bloggers on the Internets are only really, very nice, too. Sure, sure, they may have made jokes about American citizen Rachel Corrie being flattened like a pancake when she got squashed by that Israeli tank a few years back, but that wasn't really the right wing bloggers, it was just their commenters. And if only those Far Left bloggers would just be nice, and only if the Far Left would stop being treasonous, and soft on national security issues, and would stop pointing out that the architect of 911 is still alive and issuing threats for which the country needs to once again submit itself to the dictatorship of the cabal, and would recognize that although the head of the Democratic Party, Michael Moore, and its financial chairman and funder of the Far Left Internets, George Soros (I got my check from him yesterday, so don't act like he isn't paying us) are not religious, they're exactly like that religious fundamentalist, Osama bin Laden, and that the Far Left should not make waves about the important "domestic surveillance" needed to fight the Global War on Terrorism, than the almighty US of A can win the GWOT, or at the very least, maintain the spirit of fear needed to ensure continued Republican Party control of government, which is fighting tooth and nail to ensure that the Democrats and their K Street Project are not able to keep bribing government officials and restricting jobs for K Street lobbyists to members of the ruling Democratic Party only. Because the Jack Abramoff scandal is NOT a bipartisan scandal, it is a Democratic Party scandal, because although no members of the Democratic Party received any money from Abramoff, they DID receive money from taxpayers in the form of salaries, and Abramoff is a taxpayer, proving definitively that the Democrats are at fault and vulnerable to charges of corruption stemming from the Abramoff scandal.

And the Far Left Internets people need to stop posting hate-filled, uninformed, biased reviews to patriotic, family oriented books on because patriotic, family oriented bloggers have never done this and did not, in fact, start the practice.

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