Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday Night Quarterback: Special Wild Card Weekend Edition

Redskins 17
Tampa Bay 10

Yeah, 120 yards of offense, yeah, yeah, yeah, well, shut up. They won. That's what you need to do in this league, at this time of the year. Find a way to win. I'm concerned about Portis' shoulder...hope he'll be at something resembling full strength in Seattle. What? You don't think they have a prayer against the Seahawks? I didn't think they had much of a chance against the Bucs. The task against Sean Alexander and Matt Hasselback will be enormous. They'll need to force a lot of mistakes on defense, get some turnovers, and keep Sean Taylor in the game without spitting on anybody.

The Rogue Progressive and the Trackball of Truth guy will have to suffer through another week of Redskins mania.

Pic: 'Hawks

Jags 3
Patriots 28

Jags played 'em close for a half. But it went downhill fast after that. Turned this game off in the third quarter.

Pats go to Denver next week. Pic: Denver

Panthers 23
Giants 0

I was listening to Mike Francesca this morning. One of the things he pointed out was that in Saturday's games, the rookie QB (or QB starting his first playoff game) lost. He said to watch out for that on Sunday, too. Know what? The Man was right.

Next week, Panthers at Chicago. Pic: Panthers

Steelers 31
Bengals 17

Carson Palmer went down with a knee injury on the second Bengal play from scrimmage. Pitt pulled off a neat trick play where Antwaan Randal El took the snap, threw a lateral to Rothelisberger, who through a TD to someone named Cedric Wilson.

Next week, Pittsburgh at Colts. Pic: Colts

Oh, yeah, Vince Young has declared for the NFL draft.

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