Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meanwhile, Today in Iraq

Gilliard is right. While we on the web have been focused on the Scalito vote, things in Iraq continue to get more human. I'll admit I've grown a bit hardened or immune to the carnage continuing to take place there, largely because as much as we may know of the consequences of U.S. policy there, media coverage doesn't do the country's condition justice. And this is partly because most of the media doesn't go any further than its barracaded hotel rooms.

And those media members who have gone out into the country to try real journalism, have been meeting with disaster.

We know about the attack on the vehicle carrying Bob Woodruff of ABC News. But these pictures of Jill Carroll have struck a different cord in me, a sickening one. The "contorted anguish" on her face is unbearable to look at.

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