Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Best and Worst to be Thankful for (or not)

Amanda and a few others have been kicking this around the blogosphere, so why not?

Most disappointing movies (not sure I can really say "hated" since most movies I see are ones I have applied at least some selective quality towards, being sure to avoid the ones I'm absolutely sure I wouldn't make it through or would hate myself for doing so afterward):

1) Cold Mountain - a very picturesque movie, but just didn't have any jazz. The characters weren't interesting. The story ends sadly.

2) Constantine - a mess, unrealistic effects, a movie that couldn't quite make up its mind whether to be serious or not.

3) The Constant Gardner - a great cast, but didn't live up to expectations. Rachel Weisz's character dies in it.

4) Donnie Darko - ??

5) Leaving Las Vegas - Terribly depressing

6) My Best Friend's Wedding - The beginning of my I Don't Like Julia Roberts stage; just an annoying plot line and disturbing character interaction

7) 15 Minutes - another movie not sure whether it wanted to be serious or not. It wasn't.

8) 3000 Miles to Graceland - couldn't get past the first few minutes.

9) The Clearing - the ending just drops off to nowhere.

Under-rated or over-looked movies:

1. The Brady Bunch Movie - a most humerous takeoff of the old sitcom.

2. Cop Land - Stallone, DeNiro. Bad cop--no donut.

3. Summer School - Mark Harmon, a young Courtney Thorne Smith, in humorous story of slacker gym teacher turned english summer tutor and his equally unambitious students

4. Weekend at Bernies (surprised to see this on the bottom ranked 80's movies)

5. Darkness - suspenseful. And it has Anna Paquin in it.

6. The Village - but like most of his movies, can really only watch it once.

7. Death to Smoochie - Robin Williams and Edward Norton in dark comedy about two children's performers

8. Cheaters - Jena Malone, Jeff Daniels, story of high school honor class that cheats to win state-wide academic competition (based on true story).

9. Trapped - Charlieze Theron, Kevin Bacon; couple has child kidnapped, but they turn the tables on the kidnappers.

10. In the Cut - interesting and erotic movie with Meg Ryan playing against type.

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