Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

But before we talk about football, let's talk about baseball. In particular, the Fox Sports coverage of the first two World Series games. Dear Mr. Fox Sports, DURING the first game on Saturday night you were having an interview with one of the pitching coaches WHILE the game was going on, in the MIDDLE of one of the actual innings. While you were not paying attention to the game that was actually GOING on, one of the White Sox batters preceded to launch a homerun, which the broadcasters were only able to get to after the ball had gone over the fence. Hey, do you think you can actually cover the game and save the interviews for some other time, like during commercials? And then, on Sunday, game two, you didn't get back from commercials soon enough to see another home run. You guys stink.

49'ers 17
Skins 52

Yes yes, I know. The 49'ers are terrible. But the Skins scoring 52 points? I didn't think the Skins were capable of scoring more than 25 against any team. Heck, the Skins couldn't score 30 if they had the field all to themselves.

Broncos 23
Giants 24

Eli Manning with a game winning touchdown pass with 5 seconds left on the clock after the Giants had been down 23-10. One of many close games with outcomes decided at the buzzer.

Cowboys 10
Seahawks 13

Cowboys led 10-3 with 42 seconds left. Seahawks scored a touchdown and then on the following Dallas possession, Drew Bledsoe threw an interception which was run back into field goal position for the Seahawks. Think Bill Parcels is in a good mood?

Brett Favre 20
Vikings 23

Vikings down 17-0 at the half. ESPN radio was preparing a Vikings funeral before Minnesota rallied to win.

Chargers 17
Iggles 20

Iggles saved by blocked punt returned for touchdown.

Ravens 6
Da Bears 10

This was the only Sunday game I saw anything of, and that only the fourth quarter. Not a pretty sight.

Saints 17
Rams 28

Another come from behind game and another fluke play where the Rams recovered a "fumble" and returned it for a touchdown, only replays clearly showed the Saints player was already down when the ball was stripped, but there was more than 2 minutes left on the clock (under two minutes and the officials make the replay challenges) and the Saints were out of timeouts and therefore couldn't challenge. Hey Hasslet, how do you not have any timeouts at the end of the game?

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