Tuesday, September 13, 2005

You Know It's Getting Bad When...

Catherine Crier feels compelled to write a book criticizing the right-wing's attempt to reconstruct American society and the Constitution according to their interpretation of the Bible. She also has a post up at the HuffingtonPost which is probably a good introduction and summary of the book's contentions and concerns.

Catherine Crier is a former Republican Texas (of all places) judge, a former Faux Nooz host, and resident criminal justice griper at CourtTV. And even she gets it.

That someone as prominent and conservative as Crier would come out with a book like this should be a good sign and an encouragement for other conservatives, if not greater numbers of moderates and liberals, to be more willing to address the threat posed by radical religious conservatism.

One can always hope.

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mizerock said...

When MoveOn is outraged - well, of course, they are ALWAYS mad at the President. People who identify themselves as Republicans are NEVER outraged at anything done by any other Republican. So who can point out legitimate problems that need to be, and can be, fixed? The "swing voters"? I still don't know who these people are, but one thing I'm pretty sure they never do is Demand to be Heard. So nobody ever admits fault, nothing is ever broken, and everything gets worse.

Until now! Mr President, today you are a man. It's easy to argue that there were 3-4 other people more to blame than Bush for the tragic lack of response on the south coast, but W manned up and took the heat. Is this the first time ever, as President, that he has admitted making a mistake?

There's your cue. FOX News reporters, you can now openly disagree with the President and his people when they are actually wrong.