Friday, August 12, 2005

At Long Last, Sirs, Have You No Decency?

The Skeleton Key, a horror movie starring Kate Hudson is opening this weekend. Meanwhile, another horror show is set to open on Justice Sunday II featuring the gang shown above. Notice in particular, the smiling face of Tom DeLay.

I suppose it won't offend any of these stars of the religious-feudal circuit that DeLay's crony, Jack Abramoff just got indicted in Florida and faces another grand jury proceeding in Washington, DC, or that DeLay launched a coup against his own party's House "Ethics" Committee so as to avoid any recriminations stemming from his campaign fundraising or that DeLay and Abramoff have worked for years to reduce the Mariana Islands to sweatshop factories and to deprive it of a U.S. congressional delegate that might represent the islands' interests.

To the Christians who are participating in this, and Rebecca St. James, I'm talking to you, open your eyes and smell the coffee. You are being duped and you are being used. Tony Perkins and Tom DeLay are about as moral and as Christian as Vlad the Impaler.

To the gang of 12 leading this farce, I say to you, "Sirs (and Madams), have you, at long last, no decency?"

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