Friday, July 29, 2005

Gore Whispers

I'm a lot warmer to this idea than my head says I should be. I do think, as the Bull Moose charges, that nature and presidential campaigns abhor a vaccuum and Gore could be the one to fill it. Iraq will still be the dominant issue in 08 and a candidate seen as experienced and with an alternative view could attract a lot of attention. I also suspect that there remains a good deal of positive sentiment for Gore among Democratic voters who think he got shafted in 00.

That being said, what I said about the Iowa caucuses in the previous post would apply here. Gore would need to immerse himself in the state and present a broader range of issues and a softer touch than he has displayed previously. While a definitive, articulate stance on the war would be admirable, a candidate seen as too angry or bitter could turn off voters. I suspect caucus goers will tolerate bomb-throwing candidates (like Dean and Gore recently) up to a point, but the lesson from Iowa seems to be that voters also seek someone steady and unflappable. Gore would need to convince Iowans that he would be a stable influence in the White House and be able to ride above the partisan fray at least to a certain degree as President.

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The Rogue Progressive said...

I have to disagree with you here, Sen. Gore refers to himself as a "recovering politician" who sees little or no chance that he will ever reenter the arena. He's having too much fun with his new TV network.

All that aside, Gore and Kerry should be candidates non grata for 2008. It can easily be said that the biggest obstacle both had in their presidential runs was themselves. They were weak on communicating clear positions on key issues. Weak on likability because they are both disconnected blue bloods from the Northeast (Dean has this problem as well). Weak on connecting with voters who want a nice guy who seems warm and friendly (see Reagan, Clinton and Dubya). Weak on running strategic campaigns, as in campaigning in certain swing states that turned out to be competitive and that could have swung with some personal appearances.

Let them go the way of Dukakis.