Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Urban Legend

I don't think I could let the ten commandments rulings pass without commenting on that most ubiquitous of mindless statements from the lunatic fringe:

They take prayer out of schools, they take the Ten Commandments down and they wonder whats wrong with our society. Its just wrong, said Joe Kidd, who was working at a fireworks stand in Whitley City [KY].

This is just a very silly statement. It's anti-pluralist, it's anti-individual, and it's absolutely devoid of any understanding of history, human nature or society.

And it serves as your basic boilerplate for every condemnation of pluralism, modernity, and human rights that has been advanced by conservatives over the last century and a half.

"They [let women work outside the home, let women, blacks and factory workers vote, don't require church attendance, disbanded the committee to promote virtue and punish vice, let people protest against their government, put an end to public flogging and executions, ended slavery, ended segregation], and they wonder what's wrong with our society."

So it's a totally dopey thing to say. Yet it's pretty typical of what you hear in and around many fundie churches. And that should really make you "wonder what's wrong with our society."

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