Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bulworth Interviews Mr. Subliminal

Bulworth: Thank you, Mr. Subliminal, for joining us today.

Mr. Subliminal: My pleasure (republican leaders have never earned an honest living).

Bulworth: Now, I want to turn to the comments of Democratic chairman, Howard Dean.

Mr. S: All right (Republican Party is exclusive).

Bulworth: I think you would agree with me that Dean was way out of line when he criticized the Republican Party the other day.

Mr. S: Well, as you know, Dean does not speak for the party (Republicans are for the rich, white Christian men)

Bulworth: Do you think Dean was right when he called Republicans "weenie dogs"?

Mr. S: Dean's doing a great job but I sometimes wish he would take on targets other than the Republicans (Republicans purple heart bandaids)

Bulworth: Do you think Dean should apologize to the Republicans in Congress whose feelings he might have hurt?

Mr. S: I would hope that he would clarify his remarks to say that he really loves Republicans (Janice Rogers Brown Social Security Democracy=slavery)

Bulworth: Will Dean be asked to resign?

Mr. S: Dean's doing a great job but he will have to learn to speak more nicely (Downing Street Memo)

Bulworth: Do you like Republicans?

Mr. S: Some of my best friends are Republicans (Justice Sunday)

Bulworth: Do you think Republicans are hard working?

Mr. S: I'm sure they're good Americans (Are we going to war with Iran?)

Bulworth: Don't you think Dean was wrong to malign white Christian men?

Mr. S: Democrats embrace all types of people (Guatanemo Bay torture)

Bulworth: After all, Republican leaders have never said anything bad about Democrats.

Mr. S: We are all Republicans, We are all Democrats (Democrats enemy normal americans)

Bulworth: What do you think will happen in the Michael Jackson trial?

Mr. S: I trust the jury will make the right decision (record budget deficit)

Bulworth: What do you think happened in Aruba to that young, good looking white girl from Alabama?

Mr. S: I sure hope she's found alive and if not that the perpetrators are brought to justice
(Tom DeLay Mariana Islands sweatshops)

Bulworth: Once again, thank you, Mr. Subliminal, for joining us today.

Mr. S: My pleasure (ann coulter).

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