Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fox Announces Bash Jesus Day

With Democrats out of power, Bill Moyers and Dan Rather retired, Bill Maher relegated to HBO, and nightly cable tv news shows all hosted by Republican party officials and former officeholders, Fox producers search for a new target for their abuse, a new liberal whipping boy and find it in a Jesus of Nazareth, a village outside of Jerusalem.

Fox and Bush Friends

Join the perky hosts around the sofa as they bash Jesus for forgiving the woman caught in adultery (John 8) and for refusing to answer the pharisees' totally reasonable and just questions. Isn't forgiveness in this case morally relativistic? Isn't Jesus soft on crime?

Dayside with Linda Vester

Is Jesus anti-family and hostile to women who choose to be homemakers? We'll ask our fair and balanced guests, Phylis Schafly of the Eagle Forum, a representative of the Independent Woman's Forum, and spokesperson of the group, Concerned Women for America if Jesus was right to praise lazy Mary and criticize faithful Martha (Luke 10).

Your World with Neil Cavuto

Did Jesus really say that someone who worked one hour could get paid as much as someone who worked a whole day (Matthew 20)? Did Jesus really say that it was hard for rich men to get into heaven (Luke 18; Mark 10)? Why did Jesus just give food to the crowd that followed him (Matthew 14; Luke 9)? Why didn't he make them go and buy it? Did he think this was Food Stamps? Why did Jesus talk about debts being forgiven (Matthew 18; Luke 7)? And are the poor really "blessed" (Luke 6)? We'll explore these and other terribly liberal, anti-capitalist "parables of Jesus" with our round table of experts.

Studio B with Shephard Smith

Did the eldest son in Jesus' parable of the Prodical Son (Luke 15) get a raw deal? What punishment do you think the younger son should get, now that he blew all his dad's money? And what do you think the impact of this story is for family values? We'll be joined by family advocates and Bible experts Oliver North, Pat Sajak and Bill Kristol of Fox News to respond and to take your calls and emails. If you think the parable of the Prodical Son stinks, send us an email and we'll show it on the air.

The Big Story with John Gibson

Why the Beautitudes, especially the one about peacemakers (Matthew 5), are another example demonstrating the anti-American, anti-military bias so prevalent in society today. We'll uncover the truth about how Jesus is just another America-basher, which is, by the way, not only the most common past time, but which also, by the way, just so happens to be the subject of a book of mine.

Ordinary Report with Brit Hume

Is Jesus biased against Republicans? Why did he choose fisherman and tax collectors to be his disciples? We'll ask our guests, Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center, Bernie Goldman formerly of CBS News, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The Beltway Boys with Morton Krondake and Fred Barnes

We'll debate just how bad was Jesus' command to render unto Ceasar (Luke 20). Mort will take the "just, really, really bad" position, while Barnes will take the "ultra bad, really, really, really, baddy bad" position.

Hannity and Hannity

We'll interview church leaders who allege that Jesus broke the law by healing on the Sabbath, contaminated himself by touching lepers, and degraded himself by dining with sinners, IRS employees and Democrats (Mark 2; Luke 5).

After Hours with Cal Thomas

How exhortions to "love our enemies" (Matthew 5; Luke 6) is destroying the moral fabric of society. I'll be joined in my studio by James Dobson of Focus on Everybody's Family, Tony Perkins of the Researching your Family Council, and Richard Land, formerly the head of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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