Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Recent Study Shows Anti-Intellectuals and Ideologues Opposed to Science and Debate Under-Represented among University Faculty

Good Grief. There they go again. Yet another "study" documenting the alleged "liberal bias" of America's colleges and universities.

Gee, I don't know. Maybe conservatives will be more widely represented in academia when they decide books should be read, not burned. Maybe there'll be more conservatives in college when they decide that open mindedness, intellectualism, and tolerance for the ideas and values of others are good things.

Of course, for conservatives there's always the option of teaching here, where they can be assured that only their view of history can be promoted and nary a dissenting voice will be heard.

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mizerock said...

Patrick Henry College takes no Government funding, so yes they can teach what they want. State school are paid for by the tax payers and must answer to them. I would imagine that fundamentalists are sick of having to pay extra to have an enclave for their views. Ideally, in the future, maybe Evolutionists will have to have a "no government funds taken" school to have their views taught, unopposed.

Even better: how about, no matter HOW much you're willing to pay, it becomes illegal to buy birth control pills because it's offensive to the pharmasists religious beliefs? That'll teach you progressives for thrusting your filthy "beliefs" on everyone else for so many years.