Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Show Me Party

If the new chairman of the DNC doesn't start off his opening speech to the party and the country by saying:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, there is one thing you cannot say about today's Republican Party, and that is that they haven't shown us. They have shown us. Let's look at what they've shown us.

1. there shalt not be academic freedom;

2. there shalt not be political dissent;

3. there shalt not be a social safety net;

4. there shalt not be a separation between church and state;

5. there shalt not be a right to privacy;

6. remember the Republican Party to keep it holy;

7. thou shalt love and respect thy neighbor except if they're non-heterosexual;

8. and except if they're non-Christian-Coalition-approved religious adherents;

9. and except if they're non-Americans;

10. only white males that own property shalt be free and able to vote"

then their speech will have been a major disappointment.

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